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22 to 65 touch enquiry kiosk
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product description

    The 26-inch multimedia touch all-in-one YXD26L-TKA is a product that bundles the touch screen and related software and is packaged for various purposes. The multimedia touch integrated machine is a positioning device that users can directly use. The hand enters coordinate information into the computer. Like the mouse and keyboard, it is an input device. Its touch screen has many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. With this technology, you can use the finger to gently touch the icon or text on the computer display to achieve host operation, which makes human-computer interaction more straightforward.

    The application range of the multimedia touch integrated machine is very broad, mainly including the inquiry of public information, such as the business inquiry of the telecommunications bureau, the tax bureau, the bank, the electric power, etc.; the information inquiry of the city street; in addition, it can also be widely used in enterprise office and industry. Control, military command, video games, ordering, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sales, etc.

Application field

1. Financial institutions such as banks (business inquiries and service promotion within the business offices);

2. Telecommunications (business inquiry in the business hall, business promotion in the experience hall);

3. Government agencies (public information release, government affairs disclosure);

4. Shopping centers (shopping, merchant and product inquiries, advertising promotion);

5. Fashion goods flagship store, specialty store (new product introduction);

6. The company's reception room or conference room (company introduction, exhibits display);

7. Exhibition hall design company (activities venue layout);

8. Auto 4S shop (car show);

9. Furniture and art franchise stores (products);

10. Cinema (movie preview and flower appreciation);

11. Real estate sales hall, chain real estate agency window (house type and landscape effect display);

12. Office and apartment halls (advertising);

13. Catering industry, retail industry;

14. Teaching (Multimedia Classroom)...

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