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Magic Mirror Robert
Product Number£º9806
Product Points£º10
Market price£º$ 300
Site Price£º$ 130
Immediate savings£º$ 170
Order number£º

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Mirror robot
Mirror robot is an intelligent product of "smart terminal + internet + platform". It's not just a mirror, it decorates your home, enhances the quality of your life, manages and knows your family's health data. Provide an entertaining environment for your family and bring happiness. It also makes the air you breathe fresh and healthy. It is like a magical mirror in a fairy tale world that seems to satisfy all your wishes.
The design of the mirror is derived from the quintessence of art, the perfect combination of modern industry and classical culture, and the reinterpretation of the beauty of art. Thousands of years of quintessential styling, using modern ergonomics, to create an elegant and noble, good experience.

Product Features
(1) Mirror function: gold metal coating design, let you more confident and beautiful, 180 degree double banner rotation
(2) Home entertainment system: laser projection: equipped with Sony's latest laser micro-injection technology to achieve miniaturized drinking HD quality. Simple, no need to focus, audio and video combination. Laser projection, healthy eye protection, easy to entertain. The laser head type has high imaging efficiency, stable performance, more pure color and more uniform brightness. The projection range is 15~70 inches, which is equivalent to a 70-inch TV.
(3) Reading light: warm light below 3300k to protect eyesight. 4 sections of light difference adjustment, free to choose the right brightness. Illumination without the light source is the most experiential design.
(4) Ambient light: self-adjusting the atmosphere of the room, multi-theme plots and dragging, 256 colors of lights to choose. Make your team more active. Warm and soft lighting can promote sleep.
(5) Body fat said: split body fat said, easy to move. The shaping plan is accurate to every day, and urges you every day to make you thinner and healthier. From the inside out, the beauty changes.
(6) Healthy ion wind: equipped with high-efficiency positive and negative ion generators, through plasma discharge point, generating 1 million ions per cubic centimeter to generate and release the same positive and negative ions as in nature, with the power to decompose and remove floating mold and remove viruses.
(7) Skin-beautifying effect (gloss): The function of moisture protection layer is used to maintain the moisture content of the skin.
(8) HD camera: front and rear HD dual camera, set precious pictures, record wonderful life, take pictures, fast focus, touch photo, digital zoom.
(9) High-fidelity audio: Bluetooth point-to-point connection, 2.0 channel free pairing, connected to the handheld terminal, immersive sound quality, surround sound enjoyment.
(10) Pure gold to create: ingenuity, highlighting the unique taste of luxury. It adopts 99.9% gold plating technology and 5¦Ì thick coating. Perfect quality, noble and luxurious. It has anti-aging, anti-corrosion and non-discoloration.

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