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24 Inch Touch All in One PC Self-Service Touchscreen Information Kiosk          


The description of 24 Inch Touch All in One PC Self-Service Information Kiosk


Multi-touch kiosk is to simplify people's actions on the computer generated. It is the largest application areas is public information inquiries, people click a computer screen corresponding information can be obtained through. It makes the operation of the computer completely locked on the computer screen, no keyboard and mouse, safe and reliable, will affected system's running because of the user's operation. Touch screen kiosk is mostly used for self-help information service, KTV song machine(VOD system), bank terminal, self-service ticketing terminal, etc. Self-service kiosk can do a lot of things, greeting, wayfinding, printing, data collection, but it also could be designed for advertising and promotion.

Touch screen all in one kiosk consists of the touch screen, LCD screen, industrial pc unit (commonly known as the host) and one machine casing perfect combination, ultimately through a power line can be achieved touch operation of the machine, known as touch one.





 Multi-touch (MultiTouch) technology refers simultaneously to allow computer users to control graphical interface through a technique of multiple fingers. And multi-touch technology, of course, is the corresponding single-touch, single-touch devices has been a lot of years, and the small size of the touch phones, the most common is the large size of the bank's ATM machine and queuing kiosk. Multi-touch device is a touch device (for example: a computer monitor, a table, a wall), or the composition of the touch panel, and sent by the software to identify the touch point behavior. This common market touch screen (for example: computer touchpad, ATM bank teller machine) is different from a few years ago the common touch screen only able to identify a single or dual point touch technology can now reach 4 points, 6 points, 10 points, 12 points and even more points!


touch advertiser player.jpg 


The Parameter of our 24 Inch Touch All in One PC Self-Service Information Kiosk


   LCD screen  Specification  42"IR inch interactive all in one pc
 Panel  LG
 Display scale   9:16
 Resolution  1920*1080
 Contrast  3000:1
 Response  5ms
 Brightness  300-350cd/m 2
 Viewing angle  178¡ã/178¡ã
 Display area  522*928
     Touch screen  Touch point   6/10 points touch
 Scan rate  50scans/s

 More than 98%

 Min touch (mm)  2.5mm
 Response speed(ms)  <16ms
 Durability  More than 60,000,000
 Working voltage  DC 5V¡À5%
 Power supply mode  COM\USB\PS/2
 Power  <1W (working current<200mA)
 Noise  No
Operating system  Windows\ME\2000\NT\XP\Dos\Linux \CE
  Device of PC Mainboard  HM65
CPU  I3 dual core
Hard disk  500G
Ethernet  Realtek 8105E
Wifi  OK
Power supply  250W
Multi-midia system Stereo  Rating power:10W*2  Peak power:15W*2
 Interface USB2.0,DVI,HDMI,VGA,RJ45,Audio,LVDS
Using environment Consume power: ¡Ü180 W Working environment temperature:0- 40
Storage temperature:-10- 50  Output voltage:  AC170-240V
Power supply manager:  VESA DPMS
Exterior parameter Exterior size 1040*1090*640
Frontal material Metal
Back materrial Cold rolled steel


ad player.jpg







The Parameter for more size of our touch advertiser player , please kindly check it             1234.png1235.png 





1.Public Places: subway, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers; 
2.Business Organizations: supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy. 
3.Financial Organizations: Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops; 
4.Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools; 
5.Real Estate Property: Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers; 
6.Entertainments: Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops, golf course.                                           


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