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P10 outdoor led display
Product Number£º88889
Product Points£º10
Market price£º$ 495
Site Price£º$ 400
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 Application areas:intelligent transportation, radio and television industry, stadiums, timing and scoring, theme parks, advertising, information dissemination, themed theater, city exhibition,etc.

Specification HLL-P10-HB1004 JH-P16-1616
Pixel pitch  10mm 16mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B 2R1G1B
Pixel Density(doc/sqm) 10000 3906
Module Resolution(W¡ÁH) 32*16 16*16
Module Size 320*160*15mm 256*256*18mm
Module Power 6A/30W 30W
Scanning mode 1/4 scan 1/2s
LED Chip Nationstar Epistar346
Brightness 5000cd/sqm 8000cd/sqm
Viewing Distance 10m~150m 16m~150m
Viewing Angle 140/140 120/110

High performance waterproof and dust proof 

The rating up to IP65,can adapt to all kinds of bad rain weather;tructural parts are made of a special surface treatment process, with good moisture corrosion resistance; electronic circuits are used in three anti-treatment process, to further protect the product against dust, moisture, corrosion, to ensure that products have strong weatherability, can be long-term used in harsh outdoor environments.

Easy to install & maintenance 
The product design following the concept of simple maintenance, using modular, redundant design, convenient for product maintenance.Multiple measures to ensure the reliability, security of the cabinet installation.we.jpg



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