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Company:XinYu Tech Co,.Limited

Factory Address:Shahejie No.49-2 Nanshan Shenzhen China

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Sales Tel/whatsapp:+86-18588418169



About Us

We design and manufacture several types of LED display, each of them meeting the demands of different markets and usage situations, whether they are outdoor or mobile advertising, indoor events, sports events or traffic signs.


We always do our best to satisfy all our customer¡¯s requests and wishes. We welcome challenging projects and any possibility to cooperate with our clients and help improve their business.


Shenzhen Xinyu Tech Co,.Ltd was established in 2009 with a registered capital of RMB 10,000,000 (1.5 million USD).  We are equipped with the most advanced automatic machines and well equipped devices for LED display production which can support our monthly production capability of up to 5000 sqm.


Here at Xinyu, we always focus on the improvement and innovation of our full color LED display quality. Our R&D staff occupies 14% of all the employees. With such a strong back up team, we are very confident that we can provide our clients with innovative and satisfying products. We have been continuously developing various new products to meet the market demands and we reached great performance in regards of our wireless LED traffic sign solutions. Our products not only match the clients¡¯ project application needs but are also produced according to the electronics criteria required by the European market.

XinYu Tech Co,.Limited  has the largest network of independent suppliers from China selling a broad range of goods at ultra competitive prices. You can buy by the case, pallet, truckload, or even an entire container. Our suppliers based in China are comprised of people with a passion to sell: traders, entrepreneurs, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, etc. We bring them all under one roof. One thing is true: at XinYu Tech Co,.Limited, you are bound to find an endless selection of amazing goods at unbelievable prices!


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Certificate of Incorporation (China)

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