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1. The goods you want to buy page to see details of the integration of goods;
2. To order this product you can get this after the success of integration, integration in order to confirm the effective administrator automatically charge your account;
3. Integral effective only to registered users, unregistered users can not access points to order;
4. Points reach a certain number of senior members can automatically upgrade to enjoy greater discount, the specific level and the corresponding discounts are as follows:
The general membership of the need for integration: 0 enjoy the price: 100%
Senior Member needs points: 100 to enjoy price: 80%
Gold Member needs points: 200 enjoy price: 70%
5. Integral equivalent to cash, can not be used for the purchase of goods, only the user to determine the user level, we have introduced a gift from time to time activities!

  About Us
¡¤Contact us
¡¤About Us
¡¤Our advantage
¡¤User level and points
¡¤How to order
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